a show all about our relationship to our phones


Three passerbys, dressed in glaring white, just can't seem to stay focused on the task at hand. Whenever they're about to step into action, their mobile phones ring - and there's nothing more important, nor distracting, than a chat-message smiley!


the show

Take a dose of real life, colour it with a ringtone or two, and see what happens as a result! A rather exciting walk act that keeps getting interrupted...

The new show from the street theatre all-stars, Anita Bertolami, Rita Bückert, Julian Bell and Shiva Grings.




distrACTED is the new walk act show from the street theatre all-stars; Anita Bertolami (Transfiguro), Rita Bückert, Julian Bell (Ernesto Magnifico) and Shiva Grings (The Pigeon Chaser). These unruly clowns have teamed up with a prop that we have all come to accept as everyday: the mobile phone. With plenty of humour, they ask the question, how do we see the world through our devices, and - just as importantly - how does the world see us!

distrACTED is a walk act that takes place all around your festival. Three characters explore the street with plenty of comical, absent-minded interaction.

The show takes between 20 and 25 minutes.


the distrACTED